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SVEA – the cosy highlight of your living room.

2-Sitzer Sofa

3-Sitzer Sofa


242 Green

244 Dark Sand

245 Light Blue

248 Anthracite

249 Grey

316 Pine Green

317 Rust

318 Beige

335 Wintermoos

336 Grey

337 Anthracite

338 Antelope

339 Deep Blue

340 Storm

507 Curry

518 Green

531 Off White

533 Ash Grey

534 Black Raven

541 Dark Blue

544 Brick Red

547 Army

565 Granite

571 Dusty Sand

573 Dusty Blue

575 Dusty Olive

577 Dark Grey

578 Taupe

579 Gravel

586 Latte

587 Mocha

590 Grey

595 Burnt Orange

602 Ocre

607 Peach

Wool / Define

850 Caramel Grey

851 Dark Blue

852 Seal Grey

853 Dove Grey

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Product information

On first sight SVEA impresses with its Nordic appearance, wooden legs and inviting design, subsequently with good comfort. This sofa will become the highlight of your living room. Based on a solid wooden frame, large, soft upholstered cushions invite you to lean back, linger and relax. Seat and back cushions are made of highly elastic cold foam, softly padded and reversible. SVEA is available in 2 sizes. Armrest cushions are always included.
For even more comfort: see SVEA LUX

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