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Our Designers

Our Designers

Award-winning Design for award-winning Comfort

Per Weiss
Head of Design

Born in Denmark in 1959, Per joined INNOVATION in 1989. Originally a professional musician, he studied architecture in Aarhus to then work at one of Denmark’s most renown architecture-offices, before he switched to industrial design. As head of design, today Per is responsible for the entire collection. His handwriting: timeless design with a certain technical ‘finesse’.

Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh
Studio WeissKrogh

The next generation, following their father in the development of commercial yet environmentally friendly and well-thought-through products.

Fleming Højfeldt
Fleming is the founder of INNOVATION. As member of the generation FLOWER POWER his first product was the ever so famous ‘Bean Bag’, to this day part of INNOVATIONS traditional repertoire.

Industrial production started in 1980.

As founder, still designer, owner and chairman, Fleming Hojfeldt to this day is considered INNOVATION LIVINGS ‘back-bone’.

Bragi with table element