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Mimer 140 with bindings

Das Sofabett MIMER VERSTEPPT ist die perfekte Symbiose aus einem bequemen Bett und einem multifunktionalen Sofa. Breite Polsterarmlehnen sorgen dabei für unendlichen Komfort.

216 Flashtex
Dark Grey

217 Flashtex
Light Grey

316 Cordufine
Pine Green

317 Cordufine

318 Cordufine

507 Elegance
Burned Curry

518 Elegance

521 Mixed Dance

525 Mixed Dance
Light Blue

527 Mixed Dance

528 Mixed Dance

531 Bouclé
Off White

533 Bouclé
Ash Grey

534 Bouclé
Black Raven

552 Soft
Pacific Pearl

554 Soft
Mustard Flower

558 Soft

563 Twist

565 Twist

573 Vivus
Dusty Blue

574 Vivus
Dusty Off White

575 Vivus
Dusty Olive

577 Kenya
Dark Grey

578 Kenya

579 Kenya

580 Argus
Navy Blue

581 Argus

583 Argus

584 Argus

585 Argus

590 Micro Check

612 Blida
Sand Grey

Classic mattress
Firmness Rating: hard

Built-Up from top:
thick layer of fiberfill
8 cm freon-free polyether
appr. 14 cm high

Latex Mattress
Firmness Rating: hard

Built-Up from top:
thick layer of fiberfill
12 cm latex core
appr. 14 cm high

SPRING mattress
Firmness Rating: medium

Built-Up from top:
thick layer of fiberfill
12 cm pocket spring
appr. 14 cm high

SOFT SPRING mattress
Firmness Rating: soft

Built-Up from top:
1 layer of hyper soft foam
10 cm membrane bound
pocket spring
1 layer of hyper soft foam
appr. 18 cm high

1.194,00 €

ACHTUNG: Das Sofa wird immer inklusive des Gestellbezuges für den Lattenrost im Rücken geliefert!
Bei Bedarf können Sie den Gestellbezug für den Lattenrost des Sitzes direkt mitbestellen.
Der Sitzgestellbezug ist nicht im Lieferumfang einer Matratzen-Bestellung enthalten.

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No cancellation, no return.
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Product information

MIMER, just like BALDER, is an excellent combination of bed and sofa.

The broad upholstered armrests are very comfortable, the multifunctionality of sofa and bed is nicely hidden.

The back offers 3 positions: Sitting upright, sitting relaxed and sleeping. In the bed position the headrest can be elevated in steps up to an angle of 70°, installation is selectively possible on either side.

Select from different mattress-types and the entire fabric-collection. Due to its high back the mattress supports head, shoulders and neck in both, sitting and relax-position.

The optional frame cover for back and seat encases the technical structure of the slatted frame. Stylish, even if the sofa is placed freely in your room. The practical bedding box, a cover made of strong fabric, is included. It serves as storage space for bedding or other things.

If you prefer more of a Scandinavian look, BALDER with its broad arms in lacquered oak could be just right for you.